Image of Whirl Serving Dish No. 2

Whirl Serving Dish No. 2

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This modern handmade serving platter is the centerpiece of a collection that I designed called Whirls. The piece is crafted from one wheel-thrown porcelain bowl that I altered and sculpted into a unique new shape. Based on the golden spiral, the walls of the bowl wrap around dish and form a cup in the center. The cup is completely sealed to the bottom of the dish so it can hold dip, salsa or hummus without leaking.

I make each Whirl myself, completely by hand, one at a time, without any molds, casts or templates. The Whirl you see pictured is the Whirl that you will receive.

This Whirl has a glossy clear finish which allows the warm white color and natural characteristics of the porcelain to show through. It measures approximately 11" in diameter x 2 1/2" high at the highest point. The center cup holds about 3/4 cup. Use it, then display it as an art piece. Food safe and made from lead-free materials. Dishwasher safe though hand washing is best.

I make each Whirl myself, completely by hand. I do not use molds or templates which means that each Whirl has its own unique characteristics. Though I have been asked, I do not mass produce the Whirls (or any of my work for that matter) through any outside manufacturers. I make each Whirl, bowl, vase, mug and sculpture exclusively in my private studio the in the U.S.

The Whirl Serving Dish was recognized as one of the "top 500 ceramic works of the decade" in the book "The Best of 500 Ceramics: Celebrating a Decade in Clay" published by Lark books as part of their highly regarded "500 series" publications.

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